Protecting biodiversity in Jesmond bush

Preserving biodiversity in the local region is of central importance to the Hunter Community Environment Centre, hence the growing campaign around the latest installment of the Newcastle Inner City bypass.

Win for climate, community and biodiversity!

The announcement from Port Waratah Coal Services that it would not go ahead with construction of the much-contested fourth terminal is cause for celebration.

 PWCS stated its intention to let the T4 Agreement for Lease with Newcastle Port lapse upon expiration in August next year. PWCS planned the new coal terminal to ship expected growth in coal exports, but now says “... the capacity of the existing coal terminals, including potential expansion options,
are likely to be sufficient...”

Protecting our ocean from offshore gas


January delivered news of Asset Energy securing approval to conduct another round seismic testing off Newcastle’s coast, looking for oil and gas.

In response, the Stop Seismic Testing Newcastle campaign stirred up a chorus of community resistance and hosted four huge public gatherings, drawing members from an impressive cross-section of the community, including local and state government representatives.

World Environment Day: Road trip to Wollar

World Environment Day this year happens to coicide with a court hearing in the village of Wollar.

The township near Mudgee has been in a battle to defend itself from the Wilpinjong coal mine for over a decade. Peabody's Wilpinjong mine has decimated the thriving community of Wollar and failed to deliver its promise of employment and prosperity and in April 2017, three locals finally made the decision to take direct action.


Earth Day Media release
22 April 2018

Newcastle environment centre welcomes new coordinator in time to tackle big environmental challenges.

The Hunter Community Environment Centre in Hamilton East has welcomed a new coordinator, Jo Lynch, and has kick started a new range of activities to support local people tackling thorny environmental issues.

This Is Serious

Are you feeling frustrated, upset and agitated witnessing the impacts of climate change and seeing little to know political action in response? Join simple and effective action to show the world you think this is serious. 

In response to news reports or events that are linked to climate change, we will be immediately getting out on the street, alone or in groups, to demand swift and decisive response. Using an SMS alert list and social media, we will find each other and express our will to change our ways, stop burning coal and driving climate change. 

How does it work?


The City of Newcastle Council voted last night to focus investments away from environmentally and socially destructive entities, including Australia’s Big Four Banks. With a total investment portfolio of $270 million, the groundbreaking move makes Newcastle the fourth, and largest Council in New South Wales, and the seventh in the country to divest.


For decades the people of the Hunter Valley have tolerated their coal mine neighbours, despite the damage to the tourism and agriculture industries and health impacts.

In recent times however, they have had enough.

The unchecked expansion of mining is pushing these other industries to the brink, causing terrible damage to public health and ecosystems too. With the coal market in decline, continuing support for this industry is choking off alternative job options for the Hunter Valley.

So where do we draw the line?


Last week, concerned citizens, small business owners, farmers, tourism operators, air quality and biodiversity experts, economists, our Lord Mayor and other elected representatives, mothers, fathers and grandparents called on the Planning Assessment Commission to reject the proposed fourth coal terminal (T4) for Newcastle.