World Environment Day this year happens to coicide with a court hearing in the village of Wollar.

The township near Mudgee has been in a battle to defend itself from the Wilpinjong coal mine for over a decade. Peabody's Wilpinjong mine has decimated the thriving community of Wollar and failed to deliver its promise of employment and prosperity and in April 2017, three locals finally made the decision to take direct action.

The HCEC in the wee hours of June 5th will set off with some enthusiastic Novocastrians into the valley to stand in soldidarity with the likes of Bev Smiles, who have worked tirelessly to defend community values and the the environment against corporate greed and faulty mining policy. 


Trips of this kind help with connecting the dots between the port and the pits, and track the effects of big coal and big industry from Newcastle into the Hunter Valley.