The announcement from Port Waratah Coal Services that it would not go ahead with construction of the much-contested fourth terminal is cause for celebration.

 PWCS stated its intention to let the T4 Agreement for Lease with Newcastle Port lapse upon expiration in August next year. PWCS planned the new coal terminal to ship expected growth in coal exports, but now says “... the capacity of the existing coal terminals, including potential expansion options,
are likely to be sufficient...”

The community campaign against T4 was waged by the Coal Terminal Action Group for six years and the project was granted approval in 2015.

The Coal Terminal Action Group’s campaign to stop T4 included door-knocking and public education, attending hearings of the Planning Commission, participating in peaceful direct action and engaging directly with PWCS representatives.

Emma Giles, Carrington resident who worked on the campaign said, “There are countless volunteer hours that went into this campaign and it’s hearteneing to learn we’ve achieved our goal, to the benefit of Newcastle and the Hunter. What we need now is leadership from Government and business to give this region new opportunity as coal use declines worldwide.”

Not only is this a win for the climate, signalling a slowing demand for fossil fuels which spur dangerous warming and catastropic events, and for local residents affected by coal dust and the chaos fof the port, but also for local biodiversity, in particular migratory shorebirds which can now thrive unthreatened in the proposed development site. 

The portion of Ash Island which was to see the constuction of T4 is a haven for 21 threatened species and over a hundred species of waterbirds. The crucially important habitat of Swan Pond will not be developed and could, we suggest, be included instead in the Hunter Wetlands National Park zone.

The Hunter Community Evnironment Centre would like to exend a warm congratulations to everyone in the Coal Terminal Action group and who contributed to the campaign.

Join us for the T4 Commnity Campaign Celebration at the Croatian Club in Wickham, July 6th, 5:30pm