Are you feeling frustrated, upset and agitated witnessing the impacts of climate change and seeing little to know political action in response? Join simple and effective action to show the world you think this is serious. 

In response to news reports or events that are linked to climate change, we will be immediately getting out on the street, alone or in groups, to demand swift and decisive response. Using an SMS alert list and social media, we will find each other and express our will to change our ways, stop burning coal and driving climate change. 

How does it work?

You see a news story about ecosystem collapse on the Great Barrier Reef, a major typhoon in the Philippines. Or you experience an extreme heatwave, storm or flood.

Instead of staying alone in your frustation and fear, alert people that you are stepping outside to tell the community you want to take it seriously, using the catch cry #ThisIsSerious. Stand on a street corner with a sign, or travel to a place that is part of the infrastructure of the greenhouse economy: an energy company’s office, a coal mine, a political headquarter.

Tweet/facebook/insta/snapchat that you’ve done it, using the hashtag #ThisIsSerious text your friends and ask them to join you.

We're building an SMS list, so drop us a message if you want to be on the list. Visit our facebook page and send us your name and number to us in a message. People are coming together and sharing their despair and desire for serious action to address this problem, and we'd love you to join us.