The HCEC collaborated with the directors of OUR POWER to host screenings in Morisset, Muswellbrook and Newcastle so the story and lessons learned by the La Trobe valley community can be shared with other communites facing coal-power station closure.

OUR POWER is a not-for-profit documentary film exposing the 45 day mine fire at the Hazelwood mine in Victoria, one of the most severe public health disasters in the history of the state, it triggered the closure of the power station which saw the La Trobe valley devestated economically.

Locals Luke Van Der Muelen, Wendy Farmer, Rod Ipsden and Tracie lund emerged as staunch respondents to the crisis, which government departments gravely mis-handled while struggling to cope with the massive and interconnected issues presented by coal-power stations, privatisation and a poorly managed foreign-owned mine.

The takeaway message: communties, power station operators and governments must prepare for the closure of power stations so that the community can embrace the transiton to clean energy.

You can view the trailer here:

'OUR POWER' aims to shine the light on the Latrobe Valley (Victoria, Australia) community and their 90+ year history of providing power to Victoria and beyond. The film explores the transition of the power industry as it was privatised in the late 1990s and the devastating Hazelwood mine fire of 2014. At a time where coal is seemingly the only option for the Latrobe Valley, the community is forced to unite and fight for a sustainable future.