See below comments from the Nature Conservation Council of NSW below regarding a proposal for new coal-fired power stations in Kurri Kurri, in close proximity to populations and right in the middle of Regent Honey-eater breeding grounds! 

The Regent honeyeater population is just 400, and contained to the Hunter and Central Coast. The site of the proposed new power stations is one of the only sites where they have been observed breeding by BirdLife Australia last year.

NCC are encouraging the public to call Gladys Bejeriklian, 8574 5000 to urge her to make the right call on the future of coal-power, that is - to keep it in the past!


March 6th 2019

Berejiklian and Daley must rule out new Hunter Valley coal power plant proposals

The Nature Conservation Council calls on all parties to use state planning powers to block two 1000MW coal-fired power stations proposed for former Hunter Economic Zone near Kurri Kurri.

The Guardian reported today that Parramatta businessman Frank Cavasinni and Chinese investors were planning to lodge an application to build the facilities. [1] 

“Ms Berejiklian and Mr Daley must both rule out approving any new coal fired power stations in NSW,” Nature Conservation Council CEO Kate Smolski said.

“If a new coal power plant was built it would blow the government’s target of making NSW carbon neutral by 2050.

“While the state is gripped by drought and people are crying out for leadership, the Coalition still lacks a plan to slash our emissions even after eight years in power.

“The ALP has unveiled ambitious plans to ramp up renewables, but the Coalition still has not stated how it plans to transform our electricity from coal to clean energy.

“The way Ms Berejiklian and Mr Daley respond to this latest threat will be a test of their commitment to a forward-looking climate and energy policy.”

Recent polling found 96% of people want renewables to be our main source of energy and more than 69% think governments should plan for the orderly closure of coal-fired power stations and their replacement with clean energy. [2]


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