The proposal to expand the Eraring coal-ash dump saw the HCEC garner media attention on the coal-ash dump issue, in a Sydney Morning Herald article, penned by Peter Hannam exposing the hazards of ash dumps. Read it here.
We encouraged community members to logde objections to the proposal and made a detailed submission of our own which is summarised below:

The Eraring Power Station ash dump poses an unacceptable hazard to the health and safety of the residents and environment of Lake Macquarie and increasing the volume of coal ash stored indefinitely on the shores of Australia’s largest saltwater coastal lake is irresponsible.

·        The proposal is to extend the operational life of the ash dump to approximately 2024. No mention is made in the EIS of what is proposed for the ash generated after this time.

·        Origin has failed to meet its coal ash reuse target of 80%, with only 37% of the ash generated currently reused.

·        The proposal would allow the continued dumping of heavy metal laden coal ash leachate into Lake Macquarie from its cooling water outflow and through listed coastal wetlands to the west of the ash dump and ultimately into Lake Macquarie.