Last week, concerned citizens, small business owners, farmers, tourism operators, air quality and biodiversity experts, economists, our Lord Mayor and other elected representatives, mothers, fathers and grandparents called on the Planning Assessment Commission to reject the proposed fourth coal terminal (T4) for Newcastle.

Around 100 people gave evidence and testimony to the Commissioners - and 90% of them were strongly opposed to T4. Their message: a massive new coal terminal in Newcastle should be NOT approved. It's not wanted and not needed.

Thank you to all that braved the blistering cold and gathered out the front of the hearing to send the message loud and clear that the people of Newcastle, and NSW, say NO to another coal terminal in Newcastle. 

The hearing resulted in significant local media coverage. Local Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes called out the proponent of T4's shameless attempt to shortchange Newcastle and Hunter communities through paying a mere $528,140, instead of the $48million that is payable under council’s Section 94A Plan. Click to read the full piece.

International economist Tim Buckley gave compelling evidence about the structural decline of thermal coal demand. He concluded that coal is not a growth industry. Newcastle doesn’t need T4. Click here to read more about Tim's analysis.

Here's what other's said:

‘‘The benefits of T4 will be many and wide ranging. Contrary to the critics who say it won’t be built, it will be built and it will employ industry-best standards.’’ - Hennie Du Plooy, CEO - Port Waratah Coal Services

‘‘I call on the PAC to do what Planning should have done and consider the social, environmental and economic impact of this plan. We all deserve better.’’ - Michael Osborne, Newcastle Greens

‘‘I no longer have confidence in this process... but evil prospers when good people do nothing.’’ - John Sutton, former Greens councillor

‘‘When I go into my yard and see the coal dust covering my lime trees, I’m reminded that the dust and diesel particles are also in my lungs.’’ - Donna Manning, Mayfield East resident

‘‘T4 will cause significant environmental harm. It will destroy five hectares of breeding habitat... for the green and golden bell frog... and endangered shore birds.’’ - John Mackenzie, Hunter Community Environment Centre

‘‘Critical climate and energy implications are being ignored.’’ - Ian Dunlop

‘‘To me, enough is enough. I’m no activist, no greenie, just a person who cares about our country and they are destroying our country, and that breaks my heart I tell you.’’- Kevin Taggart, Wanarua elder

‘‘More than 23,000 children live and go to school within 500 metres of (the coal chain) and we already have serious health and safety concerns.’’ - Jack Galvin Waight, NSW Teachers Federation

‘‘Will they build the T4 site higher to accommodate sea level rise? I wouldn’t want to see people turning up at the opening in gum boots.’’ - David Whitson, Lake Macquarie Climate Action Group

‘‘The coal industry has brought much wealth to our region in the past, but at a great cost.’’ - Nigel Waters, Port Stephens Greens

From here, the campaign against T4 will continue to grow with your support. Click here to donate today.

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